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Constant Appaloosas

Training for People and Horses

Clinics and Events

Dragon Riding Club Show

Sunday 3rd May

Practice Show

Sunday 13th April 2014

Llanerch Equestrian Centre 

Horse Agility Dayng the options from the toolbar.

September 2013

picture gallery

Western Clinic and Practice Show

With Tim Keeley. June 2014

Showmanship, Trail, Horsemanship, Pleasure and Reining.

Practice show results

Showmanship 1. Katie & Silvy 2. Sue & Smarty 3. Giles & Hattal 4. Jacob & Dollar 5.Alex & Flicker 6.Francine & Tommy

Trail 1.Sue & Smarty 2.Giles & Hattal 3.Katie & Silvy 4.Francine & Tommy 5.Jacob & Dollar 6.Alex & Flicker

Pleasure 1.Katie & Silvy 2.Sue & Smarty 3.Francine & Tommy 4.Chris & Fusion 5.Jacob & Dollar 6 Giles & Hattal

Horseman ship 1.Chris & Fusion 2.Katie & Silvy 3,Jacob & Dollar 4.Alex & Flicker

Reining Joint first; Katie & Silvy /Giles & Hattal

Jog Reining1 Jacob & Dollar 2 Chris & Fusion

Photo Gallery

Reining Clinic with Patrick Hopgood

 April 2013

Email: [email protected]

Phone;0161 4273112


for more information about Patrick and his first set of clinics since returning from the USA ,or visit

April Horsemanship Clinic with Tim Keeley

April 2014

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Red Nose Day


Sunday 17th March 2013

£450 Raised

Steve Halfpenny 2012

Photo Gallery;

Horse Agility Demonstration day

Sunday 17th June 2013

Let's Ride for Sport Relief!

Sunday 25th March 2012

Venue: Constant Appaloosas

Total raised £615