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Constant Appaloosas

Training for People and Horses


The purpose of the Heritage class is to commemorate the American Indian with dignity, honesty and integrity. The costumes can be a composite of many tribes including Crow, Blackfoot, Flathead, Sioux Yakima, Umatilla and Nez Perce. The history of the Indian and the horse is a fascinating and often controversial story but one fact stands out all western gear is an adaptation of early Spanish gear. Saddles, bridles, hackamores, breastcollars, martingales, cruppers, britcheons, ropes, whips [quirts] and armor of hide were assim

whips [quirts] and armor of hide were assimilated and modified to meet the needs and situations of the various Indian groups.

Most tribes exchanged gifts and items for trade so sometimes there is a blending of cultural items the similar beadwork of Crow and the Nez Perce is due to this reciprocal influence.

The American Horse- Indian in a relatively short time achieved a mastery of the horse which has never been surpassed. What better reason could we have to commemorate the American horse-indian in our costume classes.

Each class shall be conducted with dignity honesty and integrity of impersonation.The refinement of a costume is encouraged however many competitors do not have access to authentic items so they can make the costume look as authentic as possible by using anything available to look like the real thing.

Before you we have a selection of regalia ranging from the early 19 century to the present day. The horses wear regalia dating from 130 years ago to last week , some authentic antique some reproduction.

The women are wearing dresses depicting ceremonial,wedding,work wear and pow

wow.The ceremonial dress is 130 years old and is nez perce. They carry their babies in cradle boards , nez perce, sioux and crow design.One woman rides astride a reproduction nez perce saddle. They all carry or wear authentic accessories , including awls ,sally bags ,belts, moccasins,leggings arm bands,knives, and personal jewellery.

The chief wears a shirt made by a Navajo elder , he is wearing a very special gifted war bonnet, he carries a tomahawk, a coup stick and a medicine shield , he is riding on a Cheyenne saddle pad with matching breast plate.

The horse trappings include breast plates ,bridles , keyhole face decorations ,face masks and saddle bags.

When you are competing in a class you are marked on authenticity of trappings and equipment attire of the competitor markings and colourful qualities of the horse the overall picture including the exhibitor’s verbal presentation.

Today however we are all pleased just to celebrate the amazing versatility of the APPALOOSA , we are all deeply honoured to present our horses to you , and hope that you appreciate the very special heritage that our horses bring with them.